Saturday, May 16, 2009


View from my end of the leash

I used to be able to post to the blog from my blackberry. Hmm, doesn't work any more.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Between Showers

It has been raining off and on all day. Had a bit of a break and the dogs needed to go, so I brought along the little purse camera.

Lots of things in bloom. Crocuses and pear tree has been and gone.

The dogwoods are all blossoming now. Like dabs of bright white paint on a background of growing green.

Bright pink azaleas showing flashes of color.

Don't know what these are, but they are carpeted in patches here and there.

Yeah, and these groupings of yellow too.

Rain and Oak Trees

It's raining ... again. The rain over the past week seems to have washed all of the yellow pollen away, but the last two days has brought something new. The oak tree seeds.

Yup, 'tis the season. Right now they are wet so they don't sweep up. But they also don't get tracked in to the house the way they do when they are dry. Then they get crushed and bring in dust. Or cling to socks and shoelaces and get tracked in whole.

When they are dry, we will have tumbleweeds of oak tree seed pods .. or whatever they are.

Just one of the things to deal with there are over 30 trees on the property :-) At least they give nice, cool shade in the summer.