Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bloomin' Bob Tree

What the heck does that title mean?

And what does it have to do with that picture?!

A long time ago, Brennan had a good friend named Bob who moved away when they were in 4th grade.  Given that Brennan is in his mid-20's now, that was some time ago.

Bob's family had a compost pile.  At some point in time, either someone had thrown in an apple core with seeds, or a bird or squirrel had brought in some apple seeds, as they ended up with some plant sprouts.  Before Bob and his family moved away, they gave us 2 or 3 of the plantlings which we then planted in the backyard.

Eventually, only one of the plants survived and we named it "The Bob Tree".  

The Bob Tree has continued to grow and has had blooms on it every once in a while.  Once or twice, it even had some apples!  Not sure how that happened, as I believe the blooms need to be pollinated to bear fruit, but what do I know :-)  Can't remember if I ever took pictures of the apples.  It was certainly before I ever had an iPhone or I would have whipped that out and taken a picture for sure :-)

The tree didn't bloom last year, but it has blooms on it now.

And there you have it: a Bloomin' Bob Tree.

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Happy Easter!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daisy, Daisy ...

Can't say that daisies have ever been one of my favorite flowers, however, they are certainly cheap, cheery and long lasting! These have been going strong for almost 2 weeks now!

Found this little vase somewhere or another. Thought they were 5 individual vases but they are all connected inside which makes adding water a lot easier than I had originally anticipated! Here, I grabbed some holly from the backyard and added one of the daisies.

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