Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sophomore Year

August saw Evan go back to Duquesne for his sophomore year.

He moved in before his room mate.  It was a dull and dreary day.  This building is older and not as nice, so it was a little depressing!  Sorry for the poor quality .... these were taken with my Blackberry Pearl!

Took us a lot of trips up and down the elevator to get everything in.  It was raining out, so we alternated being wet to dealing with the humidity.

A couple of weeks later, Evan sent me pictures of his room after his room mate moved in and they moved things around ... certainly looks a lot better now!

It's Been A While!

Wow, haven't blogged since 4th of July!

I spent most of July battling an abscessed tooth. After several root canal retreatments, I think we fixed it!

What I did do in July that was productive was to get to our annual hazardous waste collection day. Got rid of a bunch of old computer stuff that was cluttering up the basement.

It was nice to see the long lineup of cars waiting for their turn - less hazardous stuff into the landfills!