Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Lots of kids here. I'm going to have to remember binoculars for graduation. :-)
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College Student

Evan is now a college student!
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Koi Pond 2008

Hugh is still keeping his koi pond. He even found a baby koi in there yesterday. No, I didn't get a picture.

Earlier in the season some of the waterlillies were blooming. A white one:

And a red one:

This is a water hyacinth - they float with their roots in the water instead of in soil.

Boy, oh, boy, THAT was a lesson in not putting things off. I passed by the pond one day and saw one hyacinth in full bloom. And even though that I should get a picture of that but I put it off. Next day it rained and I didn't want to take my camera outside and the day after that, the bloom was done. ::::sigh::::

We also have a few frogs hanging around.

Frog #1:

Frog #2:

And, yes, there are still koi in the pond :-)

Here is a black and orange one eating:

And an orange one eating. It is hard to get a decent picture of the fish just swimming around, so koi eating pics are a little more numerous:

And "Skull Head" eating.

"Skill Head" is mostly white, but the markings on his head makes it look like a skull:

The fish not only like fish food, but they like algae. Apparently, they like it alot :-)

Blaze Update

Blaze has been home since Wednesday morning and is doing pretty good.

He was tired for most of that day, but perked up by Thursday night. The first 7 to 10 days are the most critical as that is when most of the heartworms will be dying off, so we aren't falling for his perkiness :-) He gets to stay out of the crate if we are around, but at the first sign of trying to play or getting too excited or agitated, back into the crate he goes.

Luce has been trying to get him to play, so they are BOTH confused :-) Luce sits by his crate sometimes, wondering why he is in jail.

For the most part, however, he is fine with all of this but I don't think this will go on for the entire 4 weeks that he needs to be quiet. Fortunately, he is quiet in the crate while I am at work.

Luce and I have been going for a walk a lot too ... she is used to more activity since we got Blaze.

So, only 3-3/7 weeks to go.


Our front lawn has never been the greatest due to all of the trees, and since we got Blaze last year, it couldn't even be called a "lawn" any more.

This little bluebird came to visit us back in May. As you can see, our "lawn" was really just some dirt with a few tufts of grass.

Whorls of dust kicked up whenever Blaze and Luce ran on it.

Well, back at the end of June, beginning of July, Evan did a lot of raking and then grass seed and top soil was put down.

Slowly and surely, the grass began to grow.

The result is this!

It's actually GREEN!

And now that Blaze is sidelined due to heartworm, this section is to be done next. This is Luce getting a head start on the raking :-)


Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Job!

Son #1 Graduated from college mid-May and has been looking for a job ever since.

Son #2 on left, Son #1 on right

Have to say he was getting a little down about it .... the job market for Economics majors is tight.

But he got a job!! It isn't exactly what he hoped he would be doing, but it is not in retail, and it is a job!!! He starts next week.

Big sigh of relief :-)