Sunday, August 3, 2008

Koi Pond 2008

Hugh is still keeping his koi pond. He even found a baby koi in there yesterday. No, I didn't get a picture.

Earlier in the season some of the waterlillies were blooming. A white one:

And a red one:

This is a water hyacinth - they float with their roots in the water instead of in soil.

Boy, oh, boy, THAT was a lesson in not putting things off. I passed by the pond one day and saw one hyacinth in full bloom. And even though that I should get a picture of that but I put it off. Next day it rained and I didn't want to take my camera outside and the day after that, the bloom was done. ::::sigh::::

We also have a few frogs hanging around.

Frog #1:

Frog #2:

And, yes, there are still koi in the pond :-)

Here is a black and orange one eating:

And an orange one eating. It is hard to get a decent picture of the fish just swimming around, so koi eating pics are a little more numerous:

And "Skull Head" eating.

"Skill Head" is mostly white, but the markings on his head makes it look like a skull:

The fish not only like fish food, but they like algae. Apparently, they like it alot :-)

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