Friday, December 12, 2008

Musing (Whining?)

What is with the weather? Who is in charge, cuz, whoever (whomever?) it is, isn't doing a very good job. It rained for TWO SOLID DAYS. Poured rain. Not just drizzle, but POURED. The dogs didn't want to do out in it and they usually don't mind.

Last weekend it was FREEZING COLD. Of course, I was at an agility seminar in an unheated building. Of course. Wednesday, it was close to 60 degrees. Did I get to go to agility? No. Won't get into that here. I have an agility trial this weekend and what is the temperature going to do? Don't need to be a weatherperson to forecast that one.

I probably need some cheese to go with this whine. But it's my blog and I can whine if I want to.


Anonymous said...

Our weather has been up and down too. Rain, turns to snow, then the temp drops, and today its almost 40!

Hang in there, and yes you can whine if you want to!

Thanks for the tip on the oatmeal - I'll try that next time.

Angella said... and cheese. Now I want some ;)