Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, agility is on hold ... I'm not at home! Drove up to Canada to help my parents. Mom was coming out of the hospital and also needed to be here for Dad. The drive up was great, 8 hours door to door, no traffic and very little snow.

I had been wondering about the ramp into the house and whether it would be too steep. I was happy to see that it looked very manageable.

Of course, it wasn't covered in snow when I got here ... that came mostly last night and this morning. Here is my car after a few hours of being swept off:

There was quite a bit of snow when I got here and more has fallen. Believe it or not, there is a pool here :-)

I'll call this section: For The Birds.

Poor birds! Dad keeps this path shoveled out and replenishes the bird feeders. But look at that bird bath!

This bird feeder is somewhat protected and it still got dumped on:

Snowy Bird Feeder

Okay, bye for now!


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