Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In progress

Been a while since I posted again.  Things have been busy and disorganized around here.  Was secretary for a bunch of agility trials since August, plus went to trials, and even got to go to Scottsdale, AZ for USDAA's Nationals in November!

But the biggest thing has been our kitchen/familyroom.  Under construction since August.  Sigh.  It takes that long when we are all busy working and trying to squeeze in other things, so it just gets done in the spare time.  And there hasn't been much of that this fall!

We decided to redo the kitchen so some degree ... including painting the kitchen cabinets and stripping the 23 year old wallpaper.

Evan spent the last few days that he was home on the kitchen.  We used a chemical stripper.  That combined with 23 year old wallpaper placed directly on bare drywall = takes a long time.

While we were at it, we also decided to add some trim to the bottom of the cabinets.  You can see the tile backsplash that we had on the walls, plus the cabinet color before we sanded and painted.

Boy, does Hugh ever hate mitering :-) but he did it :-)

The cabinet doors all had to come off, get washed down and sanded.

We also decided on granite countertops.  So, the old counters had to come off ...

... before the new ones could be installed.

We are still in the midst of painting.  A beadboard backsplash was put in and we also put it on the island.
In the meantime, I still went to trials and Blaze even earned his Advanced Gamblers title and is in Masters Gamblers with a Q!

And ran a bunch of trials, including a VERY MUDDY trial at Fair Hill, MD

We have now taken all of the wallpaper off in the adjoining family room ... I rented a wallpaper steamer which made the job a LOT easier and faster!  But, again, the wallpaper was put on the bare drywall with no priming or sizing.  I would love to decorate for Christmas, but it is kind of hard when the family room looks like this:

Maybe some lights on the ladder?

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