Friday, December 9, 2011

Little trip to Buffalo

Left on Thursday for Hugh's company Christmas party in Buffalo.  He had work in the office, so we left a day early as the party is Friday night.  The above was the view during the drive in the Poconos. Very pretty with the snow on the ground and on the trees, but not on the road :-)

We are staying at the Garden Place Hotel near Lancaster which is, basically, Buffalo :-)  The above is the indoor courtyard.

This is a view from the breakfast area in the courtyard.  Very festive :-)

Staircase leading to the second floor and a detail of little area next to the staircase.

They have little "vignettes" up on the second floor.  Must be a surprise to newcomers to open their curtains and see these right outside their window :-)

We are on the first floor and this is the view from our room - so we need to keep the curtains closed :-)

That is all of the tour for now ... while Hugh is at work, I have some work I can be doing on some upcoming 2012 trials without interruption now that housekeeping has come and gone.

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