Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We did it!! We bought an RV.  I resisted for a long time, but after 3 straight weekends of being trial secretary, I gave in.  It is going to be SO MUCH easier to do agility stuff when I don't have to drive back and forth each day.   It is shiny, isn't it?  :-)

It is a Windsport 31J ... which means it is over 31' long.  Haven't figured out why the naming conventions are so strange with these RV's ... you would think 31J meant 31', but no.  It is closer to 33'

We flew out to Ohio to pick it up.  The dealer even had a fruit basket waiting for us. Came in handy on the way home :-)

Hugh drove most of the way.  In fact, he has done most of the driving so far. I need to take it to an empty parking lot and practice turning.  These things are WIDE and LONG.

This is me driving home part of the way ... notice the white knuckles?  Yup.  Required a LOT of concentration and my arms and hands were sore afterwards  LOL

This is the view to the back from the passenger seat.  It has one slide ... the area where the sofa and the dinette is slides out to give more space.  Queen size bed there in the back.  All vinyl flooring which will be a godsend with the dogs!!

Side view ... "starboard" side, or passenger side.  We had the awning closed first thing in the morning, but did have it open during the day.  You can also see that the curtains are still drawn over the front windows.

 And the "port" side, drivers side, with the slide out.  This was at the first trial we took it to - Hog Dog Productions, south of Maryland.  I helped out with scoring and the computers.  And Blaze got a Super Q in Snooker!!!

Will break this down into a few posts.

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