Saturday, July 12, 2008


While we work on Blaze reacting STRONGLY to being near other dogs doing agility, we are working on agility at home.

One of the first things he learned was the table. USDAA is my favorite venue, so he is learning an auto-down on the table. Gotta work on getting BOTH elbows down on the table.

I don't have any jumping pictures ... hard to take pictures while directing him to jump :-)

His weave poles are really coming along.

He does 12 poles now and we are working on entrances ... and distractions.

We started on contacts during the winter. I decided to go with 2on/2off. Instead of 2on/2off, Blaze offered a down at the end of the contact. I've decided that is fine with me as it he will shift his body weight in order to get the down and stop.

We still need to work on jumping foundation skills, tire, chute and getting him on a real aframe and real dogwalk.

Maybe by the time he can sort of control himself at agility class or at a trial, he will have learned all of the obstacles at home.

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