Thursday, July 17, 2008


Apparently there are a lot of plants and weeds that are considered invasive to North America.

They also seem to have ended up in my backyard.

wineberry fruit

These can take over a yard with the canes growing quite long. They are also covered in prickly thorns. The fruit is usually used for wine or jellies as it is tarter than other raspberry type plants.

Had to look this one up yesterday:

Solanum dulcamara
Solanum dulcamara

The purple flowers will turn into green berries which will then turn to red.

Also known as Bittersweet or Trailing Nightshade. This one is a noxious plant with berries that only birds can eat.

Indigenous to North America, but certainly invasive in our yard is Poison Ivy.
Leaves of Three, Let Them Be
Leaves of Three, Let Them Be

Not truly an Ivy, but it does grow up trees, seeming to strangle them.
slowly strangle

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