Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Both dogs

Wow, 4 posts in one day. Well, we'll see how long that lasts ... it's just new now :-)

So, did a post first about Luce, then about Blaze. Now about Luce AND Blaze together! Woohoo!


Both Luce and Blaze get along with each other. When Blaze first came here, he was about 1 year old and wanted to PLA
Y. Luce was having none of that and told him so. But Blaze is a persistent dog and he won her over. Took a few months, but he did it.

And now they play HARD every day.

(I wish that was our pool, but it's not)

So hard that I had to buy them breakaway collars as Luce got her bottom canines stuck in Blazes collar. Very scary. Good thing I was there. Blaze ripped off Luce's tags with one of his teeth. Could have broken his teeth but he didn't. So, now, the breakaway collars with no dangling tags. Got them tags that are flat on their collars instead.

(Apparently we are also working on synchronized running)

Blaze LOVES to go after The Ball. And Luce LOVES to run after Blaze who is running after The Ball. So it really works out!

After Blaze gets The Ball, he then brings it back ... well, almost back. He feels it needs to be placed on the ground and then he needs to hide behind something until I pick it up again. And Luce hovers nearby, waiting for him to move again so that she can start her outrun to head him off at the pass. Or something like that.

(you can see his stumpy tail!)

I'm not really sure why all this happens, but it does, over and over again.

So, if I get this -

Blaze waiting for The Ball to be launched again, you can be sure that you will see this -

Luce waiting for Blaze who is waiting for The Ball.

Sometimes Luce decides that Blaze needs to be under some sort of control

which usually some "interference" on Luce's part.

By and large, however, they do get along which is great.

Playing, getting "The Ball" and interference is hard work!

(sorry about all the different fonts and stuff ... having trouble with formatting!)

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