Friday, July 11, 2008


This is a non-dog post. But it IS about one of my kids, so the mom part of my name comes into play :-)

My younger son, Son #2, is going to go to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA this fall. We drove out there (5 hours!) on Wednesday for a pre-orientation thing on Thursday. He opened up his bank account, got his picture taken for his student card, bought used books for his courses at the bookstore and we sat through some presentations.

I hadn't been to the school before, so it was nice to see it. My older son, Son #1, came along as well. He just graduated college in May, so he wanted to see where his brother would be going to school. It was also nice to have someone along who could tell us what was important and what wasn't.

This is the view from his dorm:

Well, it isn't exactly his room .... same room number, but we got to see the rooms on the 12th floor and he will be on the 4th.

He thinks he lucked out with the view with this dorm.

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