Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Introducing my other dog, Blaze


This is my other dog, Blaze.

Blaze is a 2 year old border collie mix that we got through rescue about a year ago at age one.


Blaze does everything Blazing fast, so he was appropriately named!
See his stump of a tail there? Probably born with it according to two different vets. Or maybe mama bit it off when she was biting the umbilical cord.

He learns quickly. Has blazing fast reflexes.


LOVES The Ball.


Loves The Ball and Loves to Tug.

1/fiftytwo - Ball

But I think The Ball is his favorite. Note, it is always The Ball, not just the ball.

Good thing I had Luce first as my border collie intro dog, because this boy is way more intense. He is going to be a blast to run in agility ... once we get past a wee little problem.

Blaze, however, loses his mind when he sees other dogs playing agility. Or playing with a ball. Brain just falls right out of his head because he wants to do that too!! Right Now!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!! OHMIGOD LOOK WHAT THEY ARE DOING WE NEED TO DO THAT TOO!!!! We are working on that :-)

Did I mention he likes Balls? I think I did.

Okay, bye for now.

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