Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I might as well start by introducing my dogs. I have two dogs right now - a border collie and a border collie mix.

This is Luce, my over 8 year old border collie

luce at the park

Luce is a dark, dark red, smooth coat border collie that we got from rescue at age 1-1/2 years old.

Luce was my "introduction to border collies" dog. She is a non intense, fairly low drive border collie. I had a retired racing greyhound and a lab/greyhound/pit mix when we got Luce and Luce made them look like they were dead :-)

She had a lot of quirks when we got her, but her basic nature is very sweet and willing to please.


When she came to me, she didn't know how to play with other dogs ... how sad. But, she learned gradually over the years and now my other dog, Blaze, and Luce play every day. She will only play with boy dogs though .... she can be a Bitch (note the capital B) with the other girls. And she won't play with every boy dog ... I still haven't figured out her criteria yet.

luce in sun Nov 2 2003,jpg

I love her ears ... one is sort of "hound dog" and the other "airplane" And her color is so dark red, it is like chocolate.

She is fairly easy to live with, not very demanding. She isn't a snuggle bunny, that's for sure. She will come up on to the bed or the couch for a minute or two, but then that is enough and she has to jump down and shake it off. Maybe it is her working border collie roots and she feels it isn't right to be too soft :-)

Luce and I do agility together. She even had a few goes at sheep herding a few years back. Ran out of time and money to pursue that, but it gave her confidence. Her pedigree came with her through rescue and her mother's side was obviously bred for color. When you don't breed for actual herding performance and start selecting for other things, you lose something along the way. It took her a bit to turn on and it would have taken time to really get her going properly. But what a rush to see her finally start to settle and move the sheep around!

I love this girl of mine.

Guess that is all for now .... bye!

luce wave westminster promo

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